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The eilslabs form a joint research group between the division "Theoretical Bioinformatics" at the German Cancer Research Center (dkfz) and the department Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology (IPMB) at Heidelberg University. The group is headed by Prof. Roland Eils.


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Lei Gu, former joint PhD students between the group of Christoph Plass at DKFZ and the eilslabs Computational Oncology group, recently received the "2013 National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad", which rewards the academic excellence of self-financed Chinese students studying overseas. The China Scholarship Council gives this annual award to no more than 500 young talents all over the world, it is endowed with US$ 6000.

Lei has completed his PhD thesis entitled "Integrative Analysis of Prostate Cancer Methylome and Smoking-induced Transgenerational Epigenomic Reprogramming" between 2010 and 2013 jointly in the eilslabs and in the epigenetics lab of Christoph Plass at DKFZ. During his PhD, he was involved in several projects, (currently) leading to a total of five publications in which he was a co-author.  Amongst them a co-first authorship in a publication in Nature Protocols on a new method to allow whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) from small amounts of input DNA and a publication of the ICGC consortium on early-onset prostate cancer in Cancer Cell.

Since 2014 he is working as a Postdoc at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

Congratulations to Lei for winning this highly deserved award!