Welcome to the eilslabs

The eilslabs form a joint research group between the division "Theoretical Bioinformatics" at the German Cancer Research Center (dkfz) and the department Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology (IPMB) at Heidelberg University. The group is headed by Prof. Roland Eils.


Since Monday, international researchers are meeting at the DKFZ to present the latest research results during the Systems Biology of Human Disease - SBHD conference organized by the eilslabs. Overarching topic of the conference is the use of mathematical methods and computer models to capture and study complex biological systems. Using this type of systems biology approaches, it is possible to recognize hidden relationships that are important for the emergence of complex diseases such as cancer.DSC 0522 600px

The SBHD conference series was initiated by Peter Sorger from Harvard Medical School in Boston a few years ago and has since developed into a German-American which is held alternately in Boston and Heidelberg.

On Wednesday, the last day of the conference program, two awards will be presented:

  •   Karsten Rippe (DKFZ Heidelberg and BioQuant) will receive the CSB2 Price in Systems Biology (kindly sponsored by Merrimack Pharmaceuticals) for his interdisciplinary work on the structural organization of our genome and its influence on gene regulation and disease development.
  • Kazuki Tainaka from Tokyo University will be awarded the Anne Heidenthal Prize for Fluorescence Research (kindly sponsored by Chroma Technology Corp.), for the development of CUBIC method (Clear, Unobstructed Brain Imaging cocktails and Computational Analysis). The CUBIC method is a newly developed imaging method using a combination of chemical discoloration and light-sheet fluorescent microscopy to achieve extremely detailed pictures of the inside of individual organs and even entire organisms.

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