In 2012, the DKFZ has formed an internationally leading center for personalized genome analysis in oncology named DKFZ-HIPO (Heidelberg Center for Personalized Oncology). The goal of this center is to develop a program for personalized oncology that will readily translate latest research and technologies from the field of functional genomics and systems biology into clinical routine. HIPO is coordinated by Peter Lichter, Roland Eils and Christof von Kalle. Within HIPO, the eilslabs are involved in coordinating the central Data Management Platform (J. Eils / C.Lawerenz) and together with Benedikt Brors operate the Bioinformatics Platform (Roland Eils, Matthias Schlesner). In addition, Christian Conrad runs the Next-Generation Microscopic Imaging Platform.

HIPO Haus Sept15

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