Framework for intelligent microscopy. Novel microscopy approaches for quantitative biology. Observation of life based on models, helping the microscope to increase information density and finally to speed up the generation of insights.

The LifeXplorer framework is developed by Jonas Moßler and Michael Heinold in the Theoretical Systems Biology group. 

What's the advantage using LifeXplorer for my microscopy experiments?

  • My data quality will automatically be optimized
  • LifeXplorer will help me to select spots that are relevant for my experiment
  • LifeXplorer will select and automatically configure a suitable data analysis for my experimental data
  • I can easily run complex workflows with LifeXplorer supported by real-time image processing to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of my experiments

Further infos and download at (password protected until publication)

Automated Result / Cost optimization sample with LifeXplorer

LifeXplorer Intelligence Manager optimizing the XY-position to increase the cell count.
After pre-focusing with a lower magnification, the region of interest is selected that maximizes the cell count.